wild things = lovely things

we all have those books from our childhood that we cherish for their infinite ability to elicit the same childlike wonder. they take you back to a time when things were simpler and so much more imaginative. mine are The Giving Tree (and really anything by Shel Silverstein), Goodnight Moon, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Where the Wild Things Are.

i couldn't be more excited for all the love Wild Things is getting in anticipation for the upcoming Spike Jonze film (can't wait till october!)
my favorite find so far is Terrible Yellow Eyes a delightful collection of artwork inspired by the universally adored book. here are a few of my favorites, but check out the full blog here.


minxo said...

these are so great! i read this book to scarlet often and it is one she will actually sit through! "they GNASHED THEIR TERRIBLE TEETH AND SHOWED THEIR TERRIBLE CLAWS!!! ...though the buzz in the office up there is the film is not too good :( fingers crossed!!

Jessica said...

Ah, oh this trailer looks amazing. My boyfriend came across it one morning at work and he said he welled up in his cubicle. I fell a little deeper in love with him when he told me that.

You have a very nice blog here. I just stumbled across it because "Prudent Advice for My Daughter" was linked, poked around because you have pretty pictures and then I saw that you watched Adventures in Babysitting recently and I fell a little bit deeper in love with the blog. Good stuff!