our wedding: DIY welcome boxes

be it from los angeles or holland, all of our lovely guests traveled for our wedding. to thank them and greet them with a big smile we delivered these little welcome boxes.

first we had to make them look pretty. to personalize the kraft paper gable boxes, I gooco'd "hello there" labels. first the yellow chevron design. while that dried, i mixed the paint for a nice gray and printed the greeting on top.

to help our guests get acquainted with the area and the plans for the weekend, we put together a little booklet with all of the important weekend information as well as ideas for things to do in their down time. after all the pages were printed and trimmed (thank you honey) i stitched each booklet on our sewing machine. the thread stuck a few times - slow and steady is definitely the key here.

because information will only win over so many hearts we had to include some yummies too! here's a quick list of what we included in each box:
• 2 bottles of water
• the BEST tater chips ever made
• horizon organic milk
• famous amos chocolate chip cookies
• altoids
• sunscreen (so important in palm springs)
• excedrin (so important for the morning after)
• a vintage-inspired palm springs postcard

oh, i also gocco'd the wine tag you see in the first photo. once you start gocco'ing it's incredibly hard to stop!


Anonymous said...

what paper did u use for the gocco?

Katie Carter said...

these are fab kelly, what a sweet touch!!! And THANK YOU again...I was worried about finding the right pots...I have found so much inspiration from your wedding, I really appreciate your help!

yes, please said...

i just used good ol generic cardstock for the gocco. we tried using labels, but the gocoo paint kept beading up. so we went ahead with plain paper and a trusty glue stick.

Flush Designs said...

We didn't take pictures of the box :( sorry. I dove right in when we got to hotel and ate everything... I realized after I destroyed it I should have photographed it...but it was good!!! oops- bad hungry photographers!

BridalWeddingBoutique.com said...

Great work! Absolutely fabulous!

brittanytripp said...

i love everything that you gocco'd!! i have never done it before, but you have inspired me to start! where did you get all of your supplies and is it super expensive?

minxo said...

these were such a treat to have handed to us when we arrived!

lovelymorning said...

super cute!!!! of course.

love your new endeavor.


Truly Smitten said...


Say Hi! to Design said...

Great idea to welcome the guests with something so individually picked and assembled together. They must feel so much more appreciated. And amused. Good start to the wedding weekend.