our wedding: invitation inspiration

as someone who's always been obsessed with design and all things paper, i was really excited about designing the invitation suite for our wedding. invites are a visual sneak peek at the look and tone of the wedding. i wanted our invites to represent our "modern organic" theme and get our guests excited about the big day!

i scoured the nets for inspiration, and quickly found it in the expressive and charming work of linda & harriet. her chevron invites blew me away and i knew it would be a perfect graphical element not only for our invites but throughout the look of our wedding.

equally enamored by the floral "stamps" throughout much of her work - i was determined to use a succulent "stamp" on our invites. a designer friend helped assemble the design and created the succulent stamp, transportation icons, and a direction map.

to mix things up a bit i added a modern gray graphic to the back of the main invite tied them all up in natural twine and packed them in kraft paper envelopes emblazoned with the same succulent stamp.

with all the pressure I put on these things, i really think they embody the perfect expression of "modern organic".

all gorgeous photos of our invites courtesy of erin hearts court


Anonymous said...

Amazing! Love them :) So simple in design but they make a big statement. I'm not much for the curly wurly script people can't really read unless you focus on each letter and then piece the word together---know what I mean? Oh, and by the way, in your bouquet, what are those cute little yellow flowers? They look like a fancy dandelion or something (which I know that's not what they are!).

Katie said...

I am so excited to find this site! Your wedding became an instant favorite of mine when it swept the blogs a couple of months ago.

Your invites are completely gorgeous and I love how they use different design elements but still remain completely cohesive. I am also using yellow as the primary color in my wedding and am so inspired by all of your photos!

Theycallme: I might be mistaken, but I think those flowers are called pompom mums (a variety of Chrysanthemums).

yes, please said...

thank you so much ladies!

the yellow flowers are actually called Craspedia, or Billy Balls.
the best part is that i saved a few from the wedding and they dried beautifully and are now part of our house decor!

Anonymous said...

Love all the printed inspiration! Did you print your invitations and menus yourself? They look fantastic and would love to know

Carlie said...

(sorry, continued from previous post)
...how you created them! Thank you!

yes, please said...

hi carlie! no i didn't print these myself - we used a great print house called The Paper Goose. I reaaaaallllly wanted to incorporate letterpress into our design on the cheap so we mixed letterpress with flat printing.

Chicagobeed said...

I do love these invitations! So talented! Would you mind sharing the fonts you used?