our wedding: DIY succulent centerpieces + favors

from day one i knew we had to use succulents in our wedding. what's more "modern organic" than succulents? plus they are native to the desert so it was a nice ode to our love of Palm Springs as well.

topher and i knew what we wanted for the centerpieces and felt like we could do the planting ourselves. after a few rounds of unsuccessful test centerpieces (yes, we somehow managed to kill the unkillable), we finally got it down to an art. we found the grey vessels at ikea (i heart you ikea!) and dealt directly with the nursery buyer at Home Depot to custom order our favorite types of succulents. oh, and the AMAZING table numbers are from the heavenly Anthopologie. swoooooon.

two weekends before the big day, our friends offered up their home as ground zero for Project Succulent. I can't even imagine what a colossal mess it would have been in our apartment! Thank you Mick and Seema! A potentially tedious project turned into a fun day filled with sunshine, a few bottles of Pacifico and lots of dirt!

we were incredibly happy with how they turned out and love that our friends took them with them and gave them a home after the wedding! we've got ours sitting on the coffee table - i smile everytime i look at it.

i'll be sharing the lovely bouquets, bouts and other floral masterpieces created by our florist/coordinator Meg @ La Partie Events in upcoming posts...


Jacinda said...

I love succulents too! I'm so happy that you have a blog Kelly. It's already in my Reader.

paula said...

Stunning! what great and beautiful work.

Kate said...

Those are so great. You are so talented! Do you mind if I post these on my blog? I'd love to share them!

yes, please said...

thank you ladies!

Kate, hello! yes, please! i'd love you to share this on your blog. i've been a fan of Kids and Cocktails for a while now! thanks!

Heather said...

I LOVE this post!! It's truly beautiful!

Kara Lynn said...

i too am using succulents for my wedding greenery! so lovely. where did you get the tiny, square metal containers? are those too from ikea?!

yes, please said...

yes, ikea is an amazing resource. both the centerpiece bowls and favor containers are from there. i heart ikea!

Rachel @ Benign Objects said...

I just bought my first succulent a few weeks ago. I can understand why you and your husband refer to your plants as babies. I purchased some more "babies" last weekend, as well as a magazine on container gardening. I got all kinds of excited and am eagerly planning to make my first contained garden this weekend. I related all of this to my mom who was shocked and welcomed me to adulthood. I am 30. Anyhow, I've been enjoying your blog and added it to my daily reads.

Lovely Lindsay said...

every detail of your wedding was the sweetest. i still can't get over every little thing. thanks for posting this. i'm hoping to find all the supplies to do the favors at a baby shower coming up. perfect for the mama's "growing season"
happy newly-wed days to you!
love, lindsay

Anonymous said...

I love your wedding! It is gorgeous and totally my style. I am in the middle of planning my own wedding right now. I want to use succulents and were wondering how expensive they are??

yes, please said...

jacks - what's your email address? i'll message you some details on succulents.

Anonymous said...


thanks so much!

Local Okra said...

about how much did you pay for each small plant?

yes, please said...

local okra: the small baby plants were about $1.75 a piece

Christen Fleming said...

Oh wow, only $1.75? And from Home Depot?? That's totally doable. Your wedding was beautiful and looked like it was so much fun! I'm still trying to figure out a way to incorporate succulents into our wedding and I'll have to head over to Home Depot to see if they'll be something I can order out here. Thanks!!

magpiesandmagnolias said...

I absolutely love this idea! And you guys executed it perfectly! My bf (hopefully someday husband) would love this too-he is really into plants, particularly succulents.

Katie said...

Hi there! I am a bride myself and know that I want to use succulents as my centerpieces as well. I loved finding your wedding, it made me feel like my vision was more clear (you are amazing..and I LOVE everything you did..so beautiful!) I am SOOO very curious where you found the amazing pots to put the succulents in? Or...even better if you are looking to sell them (!!...no harm in asking right? although I'm sure those pretty babies have happy homes already!) Thanks for any help you can give me! My email is katiedid85@gmail.com. Katie

yes, please said...

thanks katie - you are too sweet!
we got the centerpiece bowls at ikea (you'd think ikea sponsored our wedding) they aren't currently on the website - but they have similar pots which lead me to believe they may still have these in store.
i wish i could give you mine, but they all went home with our happy wedding guests! :)
good luck and keep me posted!

Katie said...

Thanks so much!! I am actually going to Ikea on Sunday and will no doubt be scowering the store for similar ones! I will keep you posted...I can't wait to get started on all the design aspects, it's all so much fun ;-) Happy weekend!!

Tara @ Pacific Bride Guide said...

Kelly- I absolutely loved your wedding when I saw it on Style Me Pretty and had to spread the word (http://pacificweddingguide.blogspot.com/2009/05/now-thats-my-kind-of-wedding.html). Succulents, yellow and gray and the fire pit? I die- it couldn't get any better!

seamsgoodtome said...

Hi kelly- this idea is just wonderful! i am getting married in aug and was planning on doing clovers and irish moss in tins but i like this idea too! about how much did you spend on each plant and how long did it take to assemble? and would you suggest home depot as the place to go for ordering? thanks! i can be reached at seamsgoodtome@gmail.com if you get a chance to email me! thanks again!

amber of theambershow said...

The link to "la partie events" is broken.

duet letterpress said...

these are fabulous! i love the color variations. so great.

brittany said...

This is just so out of control awesome.

Amanda said...

I ADORE your succulents and your Billy Buttons in the white bud vases as well- those are some of my favorites! Thank you so much for sharing your idea, it's wonderful!

Kerry said...

I just loved this idea so much I had to feature it on my blog! Thanks for the delightful post!

caraiza said...


Love your blog! Thanks for sharing your great ideas. My hubby and I are planning our eco-friendly wedding and planning on giving out mini-succulents as favors. I've found some great ideas but am not sure which types of succulents to order...would you mind emailing me a list of the types that you ordered if you have that available? I'm going to talk to Home Depot and my florist about ordering them...any tips? Thanks so much! My email is christina dot araiza at gmail dot com.

Anonymous said...

Hi there...I think your favors are really great. Just wondering where you got the clips to hold the pacecard. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

amazing! how far in advance did you place the succulents in the centerpiece?

yes, please said...

answer time!

1. the clips are from staples. they are called regal clips.

2. we planted the succulents about a week before the big day!

Anonymous said...

Can you send me also, the specifics for the place card succulents please? Love them! ingramds@sbcglobal.net

Thanks, Michelle

MaryBeth Houlihan said...

i am so glad i googled "succulent wedding favors" and found your blog. they are so beautiful. i hope to do something similar for my wedding next Fall. thanks for the inspiration!

mb @ www.liveworkdesign.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

sara said...

Hello:) Love your blog. I have been to the ikea near me and they have similar pots in both 2" and 4.5"...what size did you use for your favors? THanks so much

Anonymous said...

I have the same question. How big were the succulents and what were the dimensions of the pots. Im headed to Ikea this weekend. LOVE this idea.

yes, please said...

the pots i used are no longer available at ikea (waaah!) but they fit a 1.5" succulent. good luck ladies! xo

Betty Bake said...

great idea! thanks for sharing. I love creative things and this got me thinking. thanks
Betty Bake Blog

angelgurl537@yahoo.com said...


Can you please send me info on how you ordered them from Home Depot!! We are getting married Nov 2010 and I would L-O-V-E some information on how you ordered them from Home Depot. Who did you talk to, how much did you order, what kinds of little baby's did you order, and how much?

My email: angelgurl537@yahoo.com

Thank you! This is wonderful! I can't wait!

Thanks... amber

katelyn said...

i've been trying to find the square/rectangular mini pots FOREVER, would you mind sharing where you found those?


Unknown said...

what are the cute little yellow bulbs in the succulent centerpieces? they are so cute!

judi said...

You've inspired me to use succulents for my upcoming wedding in May 2010. I've been collecting succulents for a few weeks now, and I'm trying my hand at creating a centerpiece tomorrow. I've also been desperately trying to find nice small, square pots for my 2"x2" succulent favors and so far I'm resorting to keeping the square plastic pots and slipping them into colorful paper boxes. Where did you get those metal trays the pots are sitting on? and where did you get your succulents? Did you use a special soil for replanting? any advice would be really helpful. Thanks! my email is judih7@gmail.com

emhunt said...

My fiance and I have had a long-time obsession with succulents and knew that they'd feature prominently in our wedding flower plan. Unexpected, muted colors, tons of texture, and something we can replant after the day of and keep for ever? What's not to love!

In my search for inspiration, I keep coming across your wedding and going "That's exactly what I had in mind!"

Thanks for all of the inspiration. Your designs are absolutely beautiful.


.angela. said...

oh lordy. so this is exactly the wedding i have in my head in picture form. strange actually. even down to the colors. my fiance looks at me with that "uh, yeah... sure" smile when i try to explain how the colors will work and how succulents tie in with the gray and how small ones would be great favors and "y'know, those flowers, they're round and real tight, like little yellow balls, y'know?" and "IKEA! we could get so much from IKEA!" you just illustrated basically every idea i've had perfectly. do you mind if i kinda-sorta copy your wedding... and i only say copy because my boyfriend took some time popping the question... otherwise it might suffice to say you would have copied mine ;) you are fabulous. thank you.

Monica said...

Love this! Are you able to tell us what the names of all the different succulents are? I'm finding it impossible to match them to stuff online!

alis said...

ohhh my!
these are absolutely beautiful.
we are also planning for a wedding and this is exactly what we had in mind. would you mind sharing your info on the costs?

michelle roberts said...

What an awesome post! I will sure to try this out soon! Thanks for sharing!


michelle roberts said...

What an awesome post! I will sure to try this out soon! Thanks for sharing!


Ann said...

Love all the details! Thanks for sharing these great ideas that are actually doable for the creatively challenged!

Unknown said...
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+ Heather + said...

I am doing something similar for my wedding favors/center pieces.. can I ask where you purchased all the succulents? Did you buy individuals or planters with a mix of plants? Any advice you'd give? Thanks a ton for posting your project!!


Jeorgia said...

Would you be able to send me any info on ordering succulents?


Thank you!!!

emhunt said...

So my fiance and I borrowed LIBERALLY from your wedding style when designing our own. Here's how it came out!


Anonymous said...

Has anyone had any luck finding the square tins anywhere. I can't find anything on the internet.

Christi said...

Would you mind sharing with me where you got your cute little yellow notecards for your favors? They are darling!
Thanks, Christi

Christi said...

Would you mind sharing with me where you got your cute little yellow tags for your favors?
Thanks, Christi

Sean S said...

I need to find containers or boxes like yours for our wedding favors. Also, any info you have on where you bought the centerpiece dished as well I would appreciate it!
My wedding is upcoming, Aug. 20th, and my friend & I are making the succulent centerpieces + wedding favors for 200 guests.

Please email me at sean.scullion1@gmail.com,


emhunt said...

My husband and I absolutely loved this idea and used it as inspiration for the place cards/favors at our wedding in October 2010. We couldn't find affordable decorative pots, so we just created a paper wrapper for the little plastic ones that they came in. I posted a photo of the outcome and a PDF of the template we used for the wrappers to my own blog: https://andwhatn0t.wordpress.com/2011/06/08/mini-plant-wrappers/

Thanks so much for the great idea! We also used succulents in our centerpieces. See more photos at https://andwhatn0t.wordpress.com/2011/01/11/how-i-spent-2010/

Bayliygown said...

So love it! Good post! I'm happy to read it. Images are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

allison said...

LOVE this idea and i'm going to try it for a shower i'm hosting! do you mind sharing with me where you got the aluminum tine? thanks so much!!!!

alicia B said...

I love these succulents! I am planning favors in little white buckets...I didn`t know what to grow in them but I think succulents would work! did you grow them from seeds? how did you get them? How much were they?

Hilary said...

Looks amazing! I would love to try making something like this. I found your blog after searching for succulent centerpieces. Great job!

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Jaclyn Khoury said...

Hello! Your blog was fantastic and super helpful, I would love to get a list of succulents you bought at Home Depot if you get a moment, I'd super appreciate it! Jaclynkhoury@hotmail.com


Cheers, Jaclyn.

Carli said...

I love the plants images - the little cacti remind me of my Grandma who had lots of these on her windowsill...


Iren doo said...

Love it! They look marvelous! I wish I could do it myself.))But still - my craft is diamond earrings

Elisa A said...

i'm looking into having succulents as our wedding favors, but i am worried that the 2inches by 2inches pot will be too tiny for a wedding favor. Did you think they were too small ?!

Anonymous said...

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Is Satta King Available now
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