hello there.

oh boy, how does one write their first blog entry? it's like, where do you start? a simple hello usually works for me in the real world.

so, hello there. i'm kelly.

by day i work for an advertising agency in los angeles. but i'm not one of those gals who's defined by her work. quite the opposite actually. i take great pride in all the things that keep my mind buzzing and musing in those off hours of the day.

over the past 8 months, i've spent my cherished off time designing, coloring, cutting, pasting, writing and planting all in preparation for our wedding day. it was a lot of work and took up a LOT of time. ok, so i made it take up a lot of time because i enjoyed it so very much. now that the wedding is over and i've got all this time on my hands, i'm in search of how i can someday answer those creative sirens and turn my "off" time into some thing a little more full time. it's the dream.

so, come along with me on my journey of inspiration and (hopefully) revelation.


May said...

Nice Blog!!! Well,I'm just drop by to say "hello"


tphilli said...

I just found your blog through D* Sponge (loved the coffee cupping celebration, can't wait to try it). I enjoyed your blog so much I read from today's all the way through to the beginning, such an inspiration!