I woke up yesterday determined to create some succulent magic. I picked up some new babies on my lunch break, daydreamed about how i'd arrange them in my afternoon meeting, and trotted home with the crate giddy with anticipation. i think they turned out just lovely and I can't wait to gift them to some very special people in our lives...take a peek:

home.sweet.home: i made this to bring warmth to a friend's new house

loving.the.love: this is for a coworker who's about to get hitched

love.goes.with.you: this one will class up my hubby's desk

let's.nest: this one will stay with us in our lil home


Jaime said...

fab! i was hoping the succelent design would be part of this venture....my new house is in mad need of succulents, hint hint...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your wedding! The images are beautiful that I've seen around the internet and I too love succulents. I just recently found a love for them and hope they do well. My little trough is not as stylishy put together as yours though as it is a trial go to see how they do in our window.