hotdogs and babycakes

during our "mini-moon" topher and i took a little bike ride to the palm springs art museum to see the Wayne Thiebaud: 70 Years of Painting exhibit. i've always enjoyed Thiebald's whimsical food paintings (especially those cupcakes), but his use of color is what struck me as we spent more time with his work. from lollipops to hotdogs to landscapes each painting is both vibrant and subdued all at once. he magically layers color like frosting and brings life to the most inanimate of objects. amazing.

we got in trouble for taking this one...but i couldn't resist the hotdogs.

randomly, this painting used to live in my old office. our president is an avid collector and we were lucky enough to be surrounded by a rotating collection of art. he's since retired and had donated the collection to the palm springs art museum.

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