new babies!

i should probably explain that title. my husband and i call the plants we grow in our house "our babies". i don't know where it started, but it stuck - and there you go. so, to continue our nesting ritual since the wedding, we decided to welcome spring with some new babies.

topher planted some basil, rosemary and tarragon. i can't wait to enjoy whatever delicious meal they end up in (hint, hint topher)

inspired by our wedding, i've decided to continue my love affair with succulents and plant some terranium style arrangements for our newlywed pad.

and now i'm hooked and working to turn it into yet another passion project: SucculentLOVE. i just love the different personalities of each little succulent and how happily they all live together. i'll keep you posted on my progress....


Jaime said...

"my husband"! SO FUN TO SAY!

jessica said...

oh my goodness, I am obsessed, too!!