pretty please?

i've entered another of minted's design challenges and it's voting time people. the assignment this time was to create personal stationary inspired by one of three very talented interior designers. i enjoyed trying to get to know these people through their creative work and develop stationary that represented their aesthetic signature. you'll see that the different designers inspired some very different pieces.

please please please take a couple minutes to vote on my designs. thank you lovelies! xoxo

graphic blossom

falling blossoms

vintage flora



MORE new lovelies

we're so happy with all the succulentLOVE orders that have been coming in. thank you all for your amazing support. hooray! here's a peek at some of the custom designs we've done this week. if you like what you see, contact us for a succulentLOVE design made just for you! xoxo







flower market creations: perky succulents + spiky blues + yellow fluff

i love the combination of colors here. it mixes the subtlety of the steely blue and silvery greens with a pop of bright yellow. a modern take on rustic elegance.

this darling little thing sits on my desk. these eryngium planum are pretty punk rock aren't they. bad ass beauties. i love it.

flower market creations: orange + yellow

oh, darling dahlias - you get me every time.

a day at the flower market

i've been wanting to visit the flower market downtown for weeks now and finally got around to taking the pilgrimage this morning. so many splendid pretties to choose from - it can make a girl's head spin (with delight ofcourse). i snapped a few photos as i made my way through. i wish i took more, but i was distracted by all of the lovelies and forgot about the camera around my neck.

up next: my flower market inspired creations!

help remedies does it again

you remember help remedies. we featured them here last week and their simply genius packaging has made it's way around the blogging world like wild fire. well, they're at it again. this time they've teamed up with Ricky's (a NYC beauty supply store chain) to create an arresting series of living advertisements.

One lucky guy gets to sleep all day in a store front window to promote their "help i can't sleep" product. one not so lucky guy walks on a treadmill for 8 hours a day in HEELS advertising Help's "help i have a blister" pads.

These guys make medicinal products both conversational and friendly with their tongue-in-cheek perspective on everything from packaging, to promotion. pure genius. well done you.

via PSFK


a new gaggle of lovelies

we've been busy adding some new lovelies to the succulentLOVE family. take a peek:

don't.box.me.in: a custom design to beautify someone's office

you.have.three.wishes: a custom designed birthday gift

out.on.a.limb: a very special design for a very special addition to our house (more to come on that later!)

check out all of our lovelies at www.succulentlovedesigns.com

i want to go to here

floating. camping. island. yes, please.

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our wedding : sweets table

back in the days when i didn't know any better i could happily make a meal out of candy. somedays, i still don't know any better. depending on how you choose to look at it you could call me either a candy addict or candy connoisseur. i love the sweet stuff!

i wanted to share this love/obsession with our family + friends on our wedding day so we created this lovely, modern, and bright sweets table. sugar babies, banana runts, lemonheads and pineapple gummy bears provided bursts of yellow throughout. i had stacia at frosted cupcakery bake us up her splendidly delicious lemon, red velvet + vanilla cupcakes. delish.

my amazing husband built the cupcake stand in his wood shop (more amazing projects to come from that wood shop - stay tuned!) and i gocco'd the candy bags for everyone to take some yummies to go. our guests loved the sweets and we enjoyed snacking on the leftovers for the rest of the weekend.

i'm currently working on designing some fantastic sweets tables for two brides this fall. i can't wait to share the scrumptious photos! hooray for sugary sweets!


gone fishin'

not really, but i am playing hooky today with the mommas. back tomorrow lovelies. xo


just for you, mom

ask and you shall receive. i know it's been a long time coming, but these lemon cupcakes were made with love just for you. i'm so excited you're coming for a quick visit tomorrow. i made a lot, so i hope you packed your sweet tooth. xoxo


find your happy

Grizzly Bear / Two Weeks from Minimaxwell

naomi posted this magical video today on the rockstar diaries.

"la ballon rouge" makes me cry every time - and pairing it with Grizzly Bear's hauntingly sweet chords is truly spellbinding.

here's hoping happiness finds you this weekend. enjoy. xo


tie one on

this clever little business card made me smile with delight. a lovely marriage of whimsy + design. well done, you.

via design you trust

dance with me

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le tour le sigh

i'll admit, i don't consider myself much of a fan of the Tour de France. it's reached the halfway point, and i admittedly barely knew it began. i mean, yes, I like cycling. and sure, I like France. And we all know I LOVE yellow. so there's an inherent interest there - i just wouldn't watch it on television if it weren't on in every bar in the neighborhood. I mean how long can you look at a pack of guys riding bikes!? well, if it looks anything like this photo project by Brent Humphries, i'll be tuning in 24/7.

Humphries has spent years capturing the unique and quirky community that surrounds this huge event. It's an ambient study not only of France's breathtaking countryside, but of the characters that flock to line every inch of the route year after year. It's a living, exciting, quirky, unfiltered look at this once a year microcosm of culture.

so, lovelies, even if you've never sported a LIVE STRONG bracelet, these photographs are beyond beautifully composed and definitely worth a look. might even entice you to break out the bike shorts!


100 days of summer salads

now there's no excuse for nuking your dinner this summer. The New York Times has posted "100 Simple Salads for the Season". Close your eyes and point to any number of creatively delicious (and simple) recipes. keep it fresh. keep it simple. keep it healthy my lovelies.

personally - i can't wait to try #37, #58, #79, #85, #89, #95!!, and the bonus #101.

bon appetit.

package makes perfect

you know how you tend to pay more attention to things when they relate directly to what's happening in your life. like how I never much cared about wedding/engagement rings until I had one of my own. it's our selfish human nature i guess. well, a current design project has me scouting out packaging inspiration from all over the internets.

imagine my glee when i stumbled upon this fine specimen...Help Remedies

I'm particularly fond of packaging that marries concept with function and design. and this one has me in awe with its straight-to-the-point names; witty, conversational copy; clean and simple design; and biodegradable packaging. even the pills say "help" on them. brilliant!

almost makes you wish for a headache. almost.

via Lovely Package



the mister and i made this last night. it was so delicious. but, i was almost too in love with these stunning heirloom tomatoes to send them to a roasted death. nature's beauty, le sigh....


i heart you

i saw these invites this weekend and swoooooooned. the adorable couple commissioned a custom silhouette of their hands forming the shape of a heart. i just adore this.

reminds me of this fun little pic from our engagement session with erinheartscourt. chris couldn't make a heart with his hands - it was more like a triangle. so those are my happy hands.

see more of the amazing invite suite here.

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artist's retreat re-treat

92 degrees at eight o'clock in the morning? welcome to palm springs!
the girls and i are here at the Ace Hotel for round two of our artist's retreat series. J is continuing work on her book. E is doing more writing and composing of songs. and after a major life change - i'm making a plan to take my creative endeavors to the next level. if we can take the heat it's sure to be a fabulous weekend. enjoy the weekend lovelies, xoxo.

photos courtesy of sarah yates


The letters

a lot of you have been asking me about the yellow letters in the photos of our home and how they came to be.

oddly enough, we have blockbuster to thank. on our way home from dinner a couple blocks away, topher and i walked by a bunch of guys dismantling the Blockbuster sign near our home. They were moving the store down a few blocks and getting rid of the older metal sign to replace it with the plastic versions you now see everywhere. a bit giddy from sharing a bottle of wine, we simply asked the guys if we could take a C and a K. those guys thought we were crazy - but we couldn't have been happier carrying those filthy (and HEAVY) things home at 11:30 at night.

we've had them for about 5 years. they hang proudly in our kitchen and also lent a great vibe to our wedding day celebration as well. thank you Blockbuster!