package makes perfect

you know how you tend to pay more attention to things when they relate directly to what's happening in your life. like how I never much cared about wedding/engagement rings until I had one of my own. it's our selfish human nature i guess. well, a current design project has me scouting out packaging inspiration from all over the internets.

imagine my glee when i stumbled upon this fine specimen...Help Remedies

I'm particularly fond of packaging that marries concept with function and design. and this one has me in awe with its straight-to-the-point names; witty, conversational copy; clean and simple design; and biodegradable packaging. even the pills say "help" on them. brilliant!

almost makes you wish for a headache. almost.

via Lovely Package


Anonymous said...

these are great! i love ideas like this. i wish i could come up with something so easy, yet perfect.

i have a new blog i thought you might like to check out: http://carrotandspice.blogspot.com

and i am still planning on using succulents at my wedding. i am in the process of finding thrift store pots. :)

livi said...

I had a few questions for you about your wedding at the movie colony and was wondering if it was possible to discuss them with you? My fiance and I are possibly looking into having our wedding there and could use some advice. Thanks

the un-bride said...

Everything about these is awesome!

yes, please said...

Hi Livi - I'd love to chat. shoot me an email at: kmrobi@gmail.com

{lisa} said...

Design like this makes me want to a graphic designer. I can be that witty and talented...right?!

Bri said...

Makes me wish I could get some help. :) I love their website too - it's so clever.