we're getting a dog

and her name is Pickle!  getting persmission to get a pup in the same apartment we've lived in for 7 years was my anniversary gift to the mister (that and his favorite homemade pickles).  we adopted her over the weekend and she's FINALLY coming home on saturday.  the cutest little terrier mix you'll ever meet.  don't worry buckets of photos to come.  I can't wait to bore all of you with the umpteenth puppy story every week. 


around the world with bash, please: coffee cupping

Paige and I teamed up to concept and design an entertaining column for design*sponge.  as part of a monthly post we'll be going global and designing our events around a different region, country or culture.  fun right?  we'll be travelling the world through each area's unique experiences and tastes. 

our first stop?  Seattle, Washington

inspired by my recent trip, we focused on Seattle's characteristic coffee culture, and specifically the boutique roasters around the city that offer "coffee cupping" to caffeinated aficionados.  like wine tasting for coffee lovers, cupping is a collective way to understand and appreciate the nuances of the various beans.  Honestly, what's more Seattle than coffee and donuts and getting snuggly with friends?

For the florals, i wanted to capture the lush, damp feel of the region.  I fashioned a natural table runner out of dense moss sprouting with white Scabiosa, Helleborus, Maidenhair Fern, and Lily of the Valley.  We used coffee tins as containers and topped them again with the "sprouting moss".  As a final touch we scattered glass jars with single sprigs of lilly of the valley on books and newspapers.

we incorporated so many fun (and easy) DIY ideas into this shoot.  find all of the details at Design*Sponge - including the perfect coffee-house mix Paige put together.

We're just now coming down from the coffee high and itching to land on our next stop...can't wait to see where we end up!


must remember this

via miss mary ruffle


barbie + ken

I'm so excited to finally share photos from our very first (official) bash, please wedding!  Barbie + Ken (yes, those are really their names) were married in a gorgeous backyard affair in March.  The adorable couple was so fun to work with and gave us freedom to work our bash, please magic.  The result was a super sweet wedding for a super sweet couple.  Jen, from Green Wedding Shoes featured the wedding on her blog, head over there for more details from the day.

Now, feast your eyes on these beauties from the talented Miss Bonnie Tsang....

and a few studio photos taken by my mister:


our one year holiday

the mister and i turned one last weekend and we took a trip back to palm springs to celebrate.  we had a great time enjoying lots of sun + beers + card games.  we stayed at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club, ate at our favorite restaurant, toured the Lautner exhibit, ate at Cheeky's TWICE, hiked an amazing oasis in the desert, shopped the vintage boutiques, played records, danced on the patio, read through our year of notes, visited the place it all happened, and relaxed, relaxed, relaxed.  it was divine.  can't wait to ring in year two. 


{Once Wed} Johhny + June

i'm so behind in my blogging, but really excited for this post.  for April's OnceWed bash, please photo shoot we channeled the sweet love of Johnny Cash & June Carter.  We headed down south (ok, Irvine) to a small farm (ok, golf course) to create this darling scene.  the super talented Sarah Yates snapped pics and even helped us clean up hay.  we were naughty cowgirls later in the day, but that's a story for another time.  Enjoy all of the photos here and here on OnceWed.