a pop of yellow

after 7 years with the boy she loves, a girl is bound to daydream about her wedding day. what will it look like? what will she wear? buffet or sit down? not me so much. the notion of color schemes and invite suites didn't cross my mind until after he popped the question. it wasn't for lack of interest in such things - i've always loved all things party planning and design influenced, but i think my mind was waiting to make it official until it was willing to open up that can of worms. the day after i answered "yes, please" i was off and running, arms flailing straight into weddingville.

i got to work the very next day: decided on a color scheme (YELLOW!), a feel (approachably modern), potential places (swanky palm springs), my mind was buzzing with excitement and ideas. to calm the mental lightning storm I created an inspiration board. i just had to get those visions on paper before they vanished. and although our vision zigged and zagged a bit since it's original inception, the inspiration board was a driving force in the planning since day one.

the key elements of our day were present even then: yellow + gray, modern + organic, lovefest.


tara said...

Oh those shoes - J Crew, yes? I bought a pair of the prettiest, highest, canary yellow heels recently, and I swear I want to skip every time I wear them. They're like happiness you strap to your feet.

I'm sure you've heard this a million times already, but here it is again. Lovely, lovely, lovely day. Your wedding looks to have been gorgeous. Wonderful to see where it began.

Anonymous said...

You have articulated exactly how I felt. Of course you think about your wedding day, but it's not until that proposal that you can suddenly unleash!

I love the photos you've posted of your wedding, it looked fabulous. You guys did such a great job with everything