You're Such a WILD THING!

I've almost made it through another Halloween:  The cuppies are baked and packed up for delivery and tomorrow night we've got a Halloween party to attend (STILL no clue what i will be).  Then  we're packin' up the ol Prius and heading to Josua Tree for this photo shoot I've been all sorts of giddy about.  I'm FINALLY collaborating with this brilliant lady to design a bachelorette party for UtterlyEngaged.  Our Where the Wild Things Are inspired celebration is sure to knock your socks off....i mean, what's better than a night in the desert with your best girlfriends, a bottle of whiskey and feather head pieces? Check out our inspiration board above, it teases at some of the clever things we've got planned. 

Uggs, check.  Flask, check.  Fire dance, check.  See the rest of you lovely ladies in Josua Tree.  xo


Anonymous said...

Oh MAN, this looks like such an amazingly good time. Can't wait to hear all about it.

PS: You are totally my new blog crush.

Lauren @The Little Things We Do.... said...

this sounds so incredibly cool! can't wait to see the follow up!