Picture This: The Weekend

Aahhhh, nesting.  what a lovely way to spend a weekend.  Here's a look at some of the things we were up to.

We drove around town looking at some commercial spaces.  Potentially a fun (and life changing) project in the works for us!

After lunch at Father's Office (my second time there this week - sick!) we stopped at Surfas for a bit of cheese and some cuppie supplies.  We stopped in the new Room & Board at Helms Bakery and oogled some couches - very close to purchasing one on the spot, but i need to do more research!

At home, we jumped on our bikes and rode to the park to catch up on some reading and lay under the shade of the trees.

That evening we experienced what felt quite close to cuinary nirvana - a six-course tasting menu at Campanile customized by Taylor, their wine director and our new friend.  Everything was cooked to perfection (with lots of bacon!) and paired with the most delectable wines.  a-mazing.  we waddled home.

Unfortunately, Chris got called into work Sunday.  So i spent the day goccoing some fun projects for the upcoming uniqueLA show and drinking wine with Miss Erin.

Chris came home and we high-tailed it to a matinee showing of Where the Wild Things Are.  beee-u-ti-ful.  we both loved it.  i cried my eyes out, and was all smiles the rest of the night.

Then it was time for the great pizza cook off (more on that too come)...how was your weekend?


stephanie said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend! This weekend I went with one of my best gals to a hot springs spa up in Washington. There was some wine drinking and lots of relaxing going on in my world.

Cooking cook-offs are a great idea! And both those pizzas looked awesome.

Flush Designs said...

How do you find the time? Please come organize our life so we can do all these things and work...pretty pretty please.
What is this commercial space endeavor I must know??