i am just taken with these women and their creative spirit (and patience!)  julia rothman and jennifer judd-mcgee of flora and fauna created a show-stopping display by drawing their precious design right on the window front!  with sharpies!  what an amazing invitation to passersby to check out their sure to be darling show. take a peek at their homemade video right here.  well done ladies, well done! check out their sites for more of their whimsical illustration work!

thank you designformankind, for bringing these ladies to my coffee fueled morning!

i'm going through a bit of Napa withdrawal, but will soon post a full recap of our amazing weekend (i know, i know, i said that about honeymoon photos too.  where does the time go?  more, please!)


Jaime said...

kel - julia rothman also designed the wallpaper i have for Scarlet's room that you love. she's amazing!

Kaileen Elise said...

this is so gorgeous! thank you for sharing... xo, kaileenelise

Caroline said...

Can't wait to hear all about it!!!