Scarlet's First Cuppie

Remember a couple weeks ago when Jaime and Miss Scarlet came over for a visit and left with somedelicious red velvet cuppies?  Well, apparently it was love at first bite - Miss Scarlet LOVES her cuppies.  I mean, LOOOOOOVES.   See for yourself....

Scarlet's First Cuppie from kelly robinson on Vimeo.

Scarlet, dear, auntie Kelly promises there are plenty more cuppies to be had in your little life, so please do your mommy a favor and eat your soup first.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! HAHA That's too cute. "puppies" is that what she was saying for cuppies? I love that word, cuppies, so fun. Very good choice. Um, but is it just me, or is the video sideways? Is it supposed to be that way?

Jaime said...

why am i so worried i am going to get flamed for videotaping my daughter scream for cuppies... it went on for so long there wasn't much i can do. now she demands cuppies first thing upon waking up and at every meal. she is even calling all sweet things cuppies. this morning her waffle was a cuppie. last night a graham cracker was a cuppie. what have you wrought kel??
XO though, i know how she feels. those things are deelish.