A Scary Good Time

I'm not a big fan of Halloween.  I don't like dressing up.  I get embarrassed for girls who think donning a "sexy Harry Potter" costume is cute.  I prefer to stay home dressed in my Pjs snuggled up next to my hubby.  But this year I'm down right giddy about the morbid holiday.  Why, you ask?

I am collaborating on a super chic Halloween party with one of my very favorite people - Paige from Bash Eco Events!  There will be no flying ghosts or automated plastic decorations in sight.  You see, Paige is a Halloween-hater as well - so we're bound to class up the cheesiest of holidays.

After a wine and fun-filled planning session yesterday we set to creating our inspiration boards this morning.  It came as no surprise that our boards turned out scarily similar.  Check out Paige's version here.  Let's just hope our client likes what we've come up with.  I'm walking straight out if he asks where we're putting the smoking bowl of punch.


Jaime said...

this is trippy. love the black candy table.
and i am sure if you had to you would find a way to make a smoking bowl of punch look awesome. if i had known sending this party your way would put the kabosh on artist retreat 3 i might have just reconsidered but now that i see the board i know it will all be worth it. can't wait to enjoy the results!!

Unknown said...

Very chic mood board!Halloween can be stylish! Have a sweet day!

Sara Roderick said...

Absolutely adore those green sparkled skulls. I hosted a Halloween party last year and the second I saw them in Martha Stewart's magazine I knew they would make for perfect centerpieces. Although I wound up not having enough time to cover them in sparkles I used the idea of "serving their heads on a platter" and it wound up being a huge hit with guests! I'm sure it’s going to be a great party and that you'll have a spooktacular time (sorry, just had to).

aubrey said...

Fantastic ideas!!

Enjoy. (by the way, its so awesome to find someone else who hates Halloween. I've been scoffed at all my life for hating Halloween!)