{hot} pink lady

anyone who knows me know i have an irrational fear of birds.  i will screech and flail if one gets within my 3ft safety bubble.   it's quite embarassing actually (for me and those with me).  i do however love bird imagery.  real life birds, no thanks.  a bird figurines and bird art, yes please. 

well, this little lady ruffled my feathers.  talk about fierce.  we could all take a note from this fabulous creature.  be bold.  stand out.  be you.

here's to a bold and saucy weekend chickies!

enjoyed on image*spark


Coniqua said...

this bird is beautiful. What brilliant color.

Jaime said...

ha, i was just thinking today that you would never come over again because we got a bird feeder and there are birds everywhere. also, there's victor the pterodactyl.

christina kober said...

haha, i love that there is SOMEONE else out there that shares my irrational fear of birds.

Punctuation Mark said...

my sister in law has the same fear... it's like she sees the devil when they are around... haha!

Melina said...

No I completely understand! I am absolutely terrified of birds!!

Jessica said...

Hmmm, I was just contemplating that you might be my new best {internet} friend after seeing your love of succulents and billy buttons...but this confirms it.

I feel completely the same, I am terrified that they are going to poke my eyes out...seriously.