Red, White & Bubbly: A DIY wine tasting party!

Who doesn't love a good wine party? Leading up to our wedding, we wanted our closest friends to help us pick the best red, white and bubbly to serve them at the wedding. After all, they'd be the ones enjoying it, so we wanted to make sure they'd like it!

We selected three wines of each variety within our (tiny) budget for the blind taste test. To keep things official I created a wine scoring card for everyone to tally their votes for each wine.

How did we hide the true identity of each wine from our guests? I stuffed them in wine bags from Bev Mo and Trader Joe's and gave each one a letter.

Between the wine, and the cheese and the company it was a fantastic night and something i hope we get to do again soon. This time we might just test some more expensive varieties since we won't be buying them by the case-full!



Anonymous said...

And what was ther verdict? What did you use for your wedding?

Very cute idea and how fun it goes with the holiday :)

minxo said...

you should reveal the winners!

yes, please said...

right! of course...without further ado....the winners:

white: Barefoot Pinot Grigio
red: Avalon Cabernet Sauvignon
bubbly: Zonin Prosecco

so delicious! cheers!

irene said...

Never would have tried Barefoot, but now I do enjoy a glass or three. Loved the tasting and amazed at the way you offered your guests the opportunity to participate in the most awesome of events!

Sarah Lynn said...

My friends and I do this on a regular basis now, about 4 times a year, because of how fun it is! We usually pick a theme, like Reds from Spain! or Sake! and it's always a good time