le tour le sigh

i'll admit, i don't consider myself much of a fan of the Tour de France. it's reached the halfway point, and i admittedly barely knew it began. i mean, yes, I like cycling. and sure, I like France. And we all know I LOVE yellow. so there's an inherent interest there - i just wouldn't watch it on television if it weren't on in every bar in the neighborhood. I mean how long can you look at a pack of guys riding bikes!? well, if it looks anything like this photo project by Brent Humphries, i'll be tuning in 24/7.

Humphries has spent years capturing the unique and quirky community that surrounds this huge event. It's an ambient study not only of France's breathtaking countryside, but of the characters that flock to line every inch of the route year after year. It's a living, exciting, quirky, unfiltered look at this once a year microcosm of culture.

so, lovelies, even if you've never sported a LIVE STRONG bracelet, these photographs are beyond beautifully composed and definitely worth a look. might even entice you to break out the bike shorts!


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aliciajane said...

Those photos are extraordinarily lovely!

I am a huge hockey fan... so when hockey season is over I am always a little depressed, and the tour is on the same channel as hockey games. So for the last few years I have watched it. I don't have cable this year so I haven't been watching it.

Someone told me the other day that Lance was riding, I was totally shocked.