succulentLOVE hits the road

well, sort of. i recently realized i haven't officially let all of you know that we are now shipping succulentLOVE designs within the US! i've been procrastinating and waiting to assemble some lovely photos of our succulentLOVE kits before i spread the word. but as luck would have it our most recent customer, stephanie, has been kind enough to do it for me. thank you stephanie! stephanie ordered our threes.company design to brighten up her office. check out her blog post here to see how a little succulentLOVE is brightening up her workday in Portland.

she even named her new succulent friends!  how sweet is that?

photos courtesy of concerning:pancakes


aubrey said...

very cool!! i can relate to her excitement about opening up the package and the sweet touches you put on everything. however, i must admit, i'm a tad jealous about not getting a cute little spritzer....

Catherine said...

ohh i love this! anything in a kit just steals my heart xo