a store room. a green house. a labratory.

it's almost here! i'm doing the florals, decor, coordination, and sweets table for a wedding on saturday evening at Campanile.  In preparation for the beautiful event my house has turned into a trifecta of the three things above - resulting in what is basically a big 'ol mess.  a structured, organized and efficient mess, but a mess none the less.

unfortunately, posting will be sparse the rest of this week as i finalize all of the lovely design elements for the day and get to work on the florals.  for now, i leave you with some of the succulentLOVE designs that we've been working on lately.

fish.bowls are the new hotness apparently and i couldn't be happier!


Jaime said...

kel they are gorg! can't wait to see the photos. is it just the reception at campanile? where is the wedding at? the "artist retreat" backroom at my place is always available day or night for planting and storage!

yes, please said...

thanks Jaimers.
both the wedding and reception are at campanile this weekend. going to be gorgeous!
I might just take you up on your "artist retreat" room. thank you love!

Shanna Suburbia said...

I love the little flags! Such a cute idea!

Wind said...

i think you mean "labOratory"