well kids, i did it. it took 3 hours of stamina, patience and willpower, but I made my way through my closet! all my lovelies are happily organized by sleeve length and color. everything has it's place. oh, i love order! now, let's just hope it stays that way for a bit.

update: OMGosh, i WISH this was my closet. the image is from ffffound!
well ladies looks like i need to add: "give my closet some pizazz" to my list of things to do!


Cole said...

Congratulations! I love your closet

Paige Appel said...

ooohh, nice closet. inspiring as my shoe rack needs some serious TLC.

Charlie C said...

I wish i had the patience for my closet lol but yours is lovely!

Renee' said...

Congrats! Now come help me with mine. Of course, I don't have nearly as many cool sleeves as you. Must work on that.